• Kristen McKinzie

5 Easy Ways To Boost Your Energy, Naturally.

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

One of the most common complaints people have revolve around energy.

Usually the lack of energy, or a burst of energy followed by the inevitable crash and burn.

We often look to coffee, sugar, and other forms of caffeine to get us through our day. There is a whole industry that creates these products and their sales are in the millions.

However, these products often make us jittery, anxious and overwhelmed. There are only so many energy beverages you can drink before you hit a brick wall. (Looking at you Redbull.)

The good news is that there are alternative methods we can use to help us create sustainable energy throughout our day.

1. Hot lemon water first thing in the morning

Instead of heading straight to your coffee first thing in the morning try switching it up and starting your day with a mug of hot lemon water. Lemon is not only a great source of vitamin C, it also is great for digestion. Hot lemon water is a fast and easy way to hydrate your body first thing in the morning, which leads to you feeling more alert and less fatigued.

2. Take Movement Breaks Throughout The Day

Many of us spend the day behind a computer, hunched over and working away. When we do take a break we often pick up our phones and spend our free time scrolling through social media and reading the news. But, taking just 10 minutes a few times a day to walk can increase your blood flow, lower your stress, and boost your mood and energy levels. If you can’t get outside try doing 10 minutes of stretches at your desk. These little pockets of movement can add up quickly throughout the day.

3. Meditate

New benefits of meditation are being proven every day and the effect of meditation on how our brain functions are simply amazing. When our brain is alert and relaxed, our body and energy levels follow suit. Meditating even 5 to 10 minutes a day allows our mind to relax and our energy to raise. There are a ton of great apps to get you started meditating. Check out this 5 minute meditation on InsightTimer.

4. Pay Attention To Your Nighttime Routine

While how long you sleep is important, the quality of sleep is what matters the most. If you spend the night tossing and turning, chances are you will wake up sluggish and foggy. How you unwind and get ready for bed can have a major influence on your sleep quality. Try putting your phone down 30 minutes before bed, doing some light stretches or a short meditation and having a hot cup of herbal tea.

5. Use Caffeine Intelligently

Coffee is not inherently bad and you don't need to quit coffee in order to boost your energy levels. Simply become intentional about when you drink coffee and how much you consume. Instead of drinking back to back cups of coffee to stay alert all day, start to pay attention to when you feel a slump or caffeine crash happening throughout the day. Once you can identify when coffee is affecting your energy in a negative way you can scale back on the amount you drink during this time. Love coffee in the morning but notice that your third cup at 3 PM is actually causing you to feel anxious? Skip that cup and take a movement break at that time instead.

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